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Poker Strategy - Playing With Aggressive Players

Aggression is what poker is all about right now, especially online. More and more players are taking to the LAG style and for a new player on the poker scene it can be quite intimidating. Sitting to a highly aggressive players right can make you question every play you make, and throw off your whole game. This gets pretty frustrating pretty quick, and there are some things you can do to remedy it. These are just a few options you can exercise so that you don’t end up wanting to smash your head against your desk. There is no reason to be pushed around!

Learn To Change Tables

One of the best things about playing poker online is that there are so many tables and games running, that you have a great table selection. Despite this, when players sit at a table where they are not comfortable playing against one or more of the maniac opponents, they continue to stay at that table and be pushed around, just to grow more frustrated and delve further into tilt madness. If you are not comfortable because you don’t have the experience playing against this style, then this is one of the best ways to deal with it. Do not let your ego get in the way, what would you rather have, your full fat ego and a small chip stack, or a slightly deflated ego and a nice fat chip stack?

Changing Seats within the Table

This is another highly under-utilized strategy, and you will usually only see more experienced players exercising it. If you’re playing online, you can usually choose a particular seat at the table. If you are playing, and there is someone on your immediate left playing a very calculated highly aggressive game. This will put a huge dent in your profitability. You are forced to change your game because of the frequency this player is raising and re-raising. You aren’t able to steal blinds or bluff as much when you have a player like this to your left. They will float cards on you and catch, and constantly put pressure on your game.

When you change seats, you want to get this player to be on your right, so that you will have position on them most of the time. This will let you fold all those marginal hands confidently without having to limp in then fold to a raise. This also gives you a huge advantage when in a hand with the player after the flop. A good idea could be to watch the game for a few rounds and decide where the most aggressive players are, then wait for the optimum seat to open up. Online poker is first come first serve seating; use that to your advantage.

How to Play Back At the Maniac

So you have had enough, and don’t want to change tables, and are unable to change seats because the table is full, so what do you do? Well, you can play the evasive sit and wait game, hoping to pick up a big hand, or you can give them a taste of their own medicine and fight fire with fire.
Make a push back at the player by raising and re-raising, let them know you are not the player at the table that will be easily run over. Poker is all about maximizing profit, and having more money in each pot is one way to do that. Just calling the players bets is not enough of a stand, and still leaves the control of the pot in their favor. Mix in some hands where you are betting into them, and re-raising them. This is especially important when you notice the maniac constantly trying to steal your blinds…you need to defend them.

There are more loose-aggressive players online then there ever have been before. Use these few techniques to exploit them, until you are comfortable to take them on all on your own.

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